Being a Mum is Hard Work

Whether you are growing a baby or nurturing a baby, being a mum is hard work. That’s why we need a day to celebrate the love, support and effort mums put in to their family every day.

When you are just starting on your journey into Motherhood, it can often feel like it’s not enough to lay claim on Mother’s Day and that’s certainly how I felt. Surely I wasn’t really much of a mum yet to deserve a little extra special treatment? Looking back I realise how wrong I was!

To be honest I’m not sure 1 days a year is enough to celebrate mums but at least it’s the official day we can claim. I wanted to share with you 5 great gifts for mums who are just starting their journey. No elaborate spa days here (I salute those that can and do) but rather practical little pleasures every mum can enjoy!

Starting to acknowledge and appreciate everything you have done for your child and the family from the get-go is a great habit. If we acknowledge what we give of ourselves everyday we can make rituals of self-care to replenish ourselves.

Pregnant Mums sacrifice so much

While you might not have a baby in your hands to hold and care for every day, you are still giving so much.

Biologically growing a baby is physically demanding and you can’t do some of the things you could pre-pregnancy. Already your life as you know has changed. And it’s exhausting. I’ve never Nana napped so much in my whole life (well definitely not since with a small child).

You are eating as well as you can, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and reducing your caffeine intake. If you get sick you can’t take some of the medicines you normally would. Having a cold when pregnant is not fun.

You are starting to try on the constant compromises and sacrifices you will make when baby comes. Every thing you do each day is in thought for your child. You are a mama. You need to be celebrated.

Celebrate your journey into motherhood with Honestly Store Organic Baby Skin Care

As a New Mum you are in the Trenches

Being a new mum is like taking a new job and learning everything you need to on the go. There is no lunch break, no shift end and no annual leave. It’s overwhelming. It’s scary, you constantly question yourself and what you’re doing. Your child needs you like you’ve never been needed before which is all-consuming and terrifying all at once.

Don’t ever forget that you ARE ready for this. You CAN handle this and everything you are doing is just right. Over time you will get to know your baby like no one else and you will learn to trust your instincts. Don’t ever doubt yourself mama you are doing a good job.

Don’t think that because baby is new you haven’t “cut your teeth on this Motherhood malarkey” and don’t deserve a day of celebration. You are the frontline right now and you should be celebrated. BIG time.

New mums can feel overwhelmed after having their babies. Honestly Store supports new mums find their confidence

So now we’ve dealt with just how important it is to celebrate Mums at all different stages of Motherhood, what exactly would make a great gift? What should you subtly (or not so subtly) share on Facebook with your partner?

1. Silk Pillowcase

Everyone likes to feel good. Whether it’s after a bath, after some exercise or getting your face on. We all want to feel out best in our skin. Unfortunately pregnancy and the general Motherhood existent isn’t very co-operative here. Time can also be a factor.

Enter the Silk pillowcase. A two for one in a gift. Not only do they keep your skin glowing, reduce lines on your face but they help your hair look less bed head and more messy chic. And it does all that while you sleep. Genius.

There are some lovely ones around, my favourites are the Roumage Silk Pillow Slips because you can choose from Organic silk or from ‘Peace’ silk. Peace silk comes from silk worms that have voluntarily left their cocoons before the silk is spun, unlike conventional silk which uses the cocoons still in infant stages. I also love that they are handmade in Australia!

Organic handmade silk pillow case made in Australia

2. Sleep (of course!) with a Sleep Oil

Don’t ever underestimate the power of sleep. Not only does it give your brain time to assimilate everything you have done during the day, but it gives your body time to rest and repair.

Pregnancy is usually when sleep disruption occurs, from pains, baby movement or indigestion there’s always something going on. And don’t even get me started on the bump! I was a tummy sleeper and having to adjust to sleeping on my side was a struggle. It goes without saying having a newborn is also a pretty big sleep disruptor. If it’s not the feeding and changing its the worrying and trying to calm your mind and resettle every few hours.

At Honestly Store, our products work for mums as well as little one’s. Our Sleep Oil is amazing at helping you get past those mental barriers to sleep, bring on relaxation and gently drift off. You can rub it on your chest/back, put a few drops in the bath or a few drops on your pillow to waft gently around while you get ready to sleep.

Calming, grounding it has oils that make you feel at peace and reassured that everything is just as it should be. I love how it increases my wellbeing.

An aromatherapy sleep blend created to help you fall asleep gently and naturally. Perfect for use on the skin, on pillows and in vaporisers

3. Naturopathic Herbal Teas

With caffeine being restricted in pregnancy finding a brew to boost you and refresh can be hard to come by. I’ve just discovered Jade Walker’s Herbal Teas and fallen in love with her Masala Chai.

Not only is it black tea free, delicious and immune boosting. It also helps with nausea (tick for the expectant mamas) and lactation (tick for the breastfeeders).  Blended by Naturopath Jade here in Australia using organic and wildcrafted herbs, the chai is safe for new mums and mums to be. Better put the kettle on!

Naturopathy blended organic tea for mothers

4. A Lotion for everything

When you start your motherhood journey suddenly everything you do, eat and put on yourself gets questioned. You need to avoid certain foods, make sure you are taking Folic Acid and avoid certain chemicals. Most of us also reconsider the products we put on our skin and hair, I know I did. I also went through google looking “how to prevent stretch marks”. Of course, the short answer is nothing can. It is genetic and depends on your skin. What you can do is just make sure your skin is well looked after. A no brainer, but nevertheless we all love a sure thing.

What every mum needs is something they can use for EVERYTHING. That’s where I created our Baby Lotion Bar. It’s a solid moisturiser which gently melts in your hands as you rub it. You then apply wherever. I used it on my pregnant belly, on Eve for massages and newborn dry skin and now I use it nightly on my face.

To be honest its the only night cream I can use that doesn’t make my skin either dry or breakout. My sister uses it in the shower on her legs to get a really intense moisture session and then pats off the excess.

The best thing about the Baby Lotion Bar is that it nourishes skin without leaving an oily mess afterward. The essential oils helps the skin, bring on a feeling of calm and are safe for everyone. Plus you can take it anywhere in the biodegradable palm leaf clam shell. Bonus!

Our soothing solid moisturiser replaces oils and lotions to heal eczema, dermatitis and dry skin

5. Go Homemade

Some of the best gifts I have ever received from my family have been homemade. Especially from Eve. I think no one can ever discount the pur joy and value of having a piece that was made especially for them with their precious baby. You may need to think outside the box.

Some great ideas are a T-shirt printed with your baby’s scan, or hand/foot prints of your baby (get them on paper first). You can go rogue with T-shirt printing paper and an iron or go to one of the many T-shirt printing places around.

My friend once got a mug with her baby’s hand prints plastered on – I was pretty envious! I have a thing about mugs… Anyhue this is where Spotlight is your friend.  There are also lovely ink-free print kits and casting kits available so you can always remember how small or tiny that hand or foot was. I love the Belly Made Products as they are well made and started out by 2 mums. Or you can go uber simple and just draw round your baby’s hands/feet and frame it. Either way however you chose to represent the baby for Mum she is going to love it…forever.

Baby hand or foot casting for a perfect Mothers Day gift

And that’s my top five Mother’s Day gifts for new and expectant mums. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate that mum in your life she will certainly appreciate the special attention and thought you give her. I know from my own experience a mums job is never over, so make she feels truly appreciated this Mother’s Day!

Aromatherapy expert, scientist and mum, Adele. Owner of Honestly Store


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